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As a co-signer for a lease with Full Circle PROPERTY Management, please read and understand the following and then sign below:
1. I personally guarantee that the applicant/lessee will comply with all terms of the lease agreement, and any lease renewals if one is processed. I shall personally remedy any default under the lease, including but not limited to payment of rent as long as tenant is a tenant.
2. I personally guarantee the punctual payment by applicant/lessee of rent and other charges imposed by the lease agreement between Full Circle Property Management and applicant/lessee, and the performance by applicant/lessee of all other terms and conditions of the lease agreement.
3. I warrant that the information supplied is true and correct, and that I am at least 18 years of age. I have been informed that the owner is a member of the Credit Bureau Services of Vermont, and may check my credit with CBSV to evaluate my qualifications as a potential co-signer/guarantor; to evaluate my qualifications if the lease is to be renewed; and for rent collection purposes if required. Full Circle Property Management is allowed by contract with CBSV to report any rent delinquency or eviction proceedings to CBSV. Owner warrants that any verification's are for the purpose of entering into a rental agreement, lease renewal, or for rent collection purposes, and further warrants that any information derived from credit reports or other sources will be kept confident and not revealed to any outside party.
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