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Protect Yourself with Renter's Insurance
11/29/2017 -

At Full Circle, we often get asked by our tenants about the need for renters insurance and what it covers? We asked the experts at Winooski Insurance to answer this question. Joe Burkhard, President of Winooski Insurance tells us that renters insurance is designed to cover your personal property you own while renting an apartment. It also provides coverage for liability insurance if you are negligent and cause bodily injury or property damage to another party.
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Important Factors to Consider When Financing an Apartment Property Purchase
09/29/2017 -

At Full Circle, we know that an investment property can be an important part of your portfolio. With rental vacancy at less than 2% in Chittenden County, investment property has become an attractive option to many potential buyers.
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Northwest Market Report 2014
2/14/2014 -

Northwest Vermont continues to attract investors from in and out of state, given its low vacancy rates and a diverse and growing professional base.
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Chittenden County Apartment Market
1/29/2014 -

The Chittenden County apartment market is characterized by strong demand, limited supply, and rising rental rates. We have historically seen very low apartment vacancy. In 2013, apartment vacancy in Chittenden County averaged only 1.4%.
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Tips for Choosing Apartment Building Insurance
5/29/2017 -

At Full Circle we work closely with people who are investing in rental property. We know and understand the importance of apartment building insurance. We have partnered with our friend Joe Burkhard, president of Winooski Insurance, to provide you with some tips for choosing apartment building insurance. Here are some ways to protect your investment and yourself from liabilities when choosing apartment building insurance.
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